ARTstor Update 7/10/09

ARTstor has announced the following:

Philip Johnson; Roofless Church, 1960; New Harmony, Indiana; Image: Ezra Stoller © Esto

Now available in ARTstor: Architectural photography from Ezra Stoller
ARTstor is collaborating with Esto Photographics to digitize and distribute images of modern architecture from the archive of Ezra Stoller (1915 – 2004). There are now more than 7,600 images from his archive in the Digital Library.
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Additional images from ART on FileFrank O. Gehry, Walt Disney Concert Hall: southeast corner entrance, completed 2003; Los Angeles, CA; Image and original data provided by ART on FILE
ARTstor has partnered with ART on FILE to document contemporary architecture in the Netherlands and Scandinavia including buildings, built-environment projects and landscape architecture.
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Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach; Karlskirche (St. Charles Church), front façade, 1716-1736; Vienna, Austria; Image provided by Christopher Long, The University of Texas at AustinChristopher Long: Central European Architecture (University of Texas at Austin) collection now available in ARTstor
ARTstor has collaborated with the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin to distribute more than 200 images of Central European architecture, including works by Josef Chochol, Karl Ehn, Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, Joseph Gocár, Josef Hoffmann, Pavel Janák, Emil Králícek, Adolf Loos, Joseph Maria Olbrich, and Otto Wagner, among others.
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