Temple University Libraries Announce 2009 Library Prize Winners

Update: A ceremony to award the prize’s was held in Paley Library’s Lecture Hall at 4:00pm on Thursday April 30th, 2009. Temple University Libraries have announced the winners of the fifth annual Library Prize for Undergraduate Research. As this prestigious award entered its fourth year, 60 outstanding applications were received. Applications represented disciplines, schools and colleges across Temple’s campus. Congratulations to our winners (in alphabetical order):

Danielle Country – “Girl, Translated”- (Latin 4082) Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Laura M. Samponaro

George A. Keddie – “Catholic Eucharistic Theology and the Gospel of Judas: Exposing the Formative Value of Sethian Criticism” (Religion 4882) Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Vasiliki M. Limberis

Cara Shay – “The Neurobiology and Development of Compulsive Hoarding and Its Relationship to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” (Psychology 3306) Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Diana S. Woodruff-Pak (primary) and Dr. Ingrid Olson And our honorable mentions (in alphabetical order)

James H. Baraldi – “Gangliosidosis” – (Psychology 3306) Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Diana S. Woodruff-Pak (primary), Dr. Luis Del Valle, and Dr. George P. Tuszynski

Megan Donnelly – “More than Whores and Housewives: Reconsidering Judith Leyster’s The Proposition” – (Art History 2197) Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Jonathan Kline

The complete papers are available to download and interviews with the winners will be soon posted to the Library Prize site.

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