New Titles in the British Periodicals Collection

The following 20 new titles have recently been added to our British Periodicals Collection:

  • Archaeologia: or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity (1770-[1907])
  • The Art Journal, formerly The Art Union: A Monthly Journal of the Fine Arts (1839-1912)
  • The Atlantis (current coverage includes issues from 1863 and 1870)
  • The British Magazine and Monthly Register of Religious and Ecclesiastical Information, Parochial History, and Documents Respecting the State of the Poor, Progress of Education, etc. (1832-1849)
  • Cobbett’s Weekly Register, formerly Cobbett’s Political Register and Cobbett’s Weekly Political Register (1817-1835)
  • The Contemporary Review (1866-[1900])
  • The Dramatic and Literary Censor, formerly The Dramatic Censor; or, Monthly Epitome of Taste, Fashion, and Manners and The Dramatic Censor; or, Weekly Theatrical Report (1800-1801)
  • The Dramatic Magazine (1829-1831)
  • The Literary Chronicle, formerly The Literary Chronicle and Weekly Review (1819-1828)
  • The London Journal (1720-[1735])
  • Musical Opinion and Music Trade Review, British, Foreign and Colonial (1880-[1906])
  • The New British Lady’s Magazine, formerly The British Lady’s Magazine and The British Lady’s Magazine, and Monthly Miscellany (1815-1819)
  • The New Universal Magazine or, Miscellany of Historical, Philosophical, Political and Polite Literature, formerly The Universal Magazine and The Universal magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure (1747-1815)
  • The Observator (1702-1712)
  • The Reader: A Review of Literature, Science, and Art (1863-1867)
  • The Saturday Review, formerly The Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science, and Art (1855-1938)
  • The Scots Magazine, or, General Repository of Literature, History, and Politics, formerly The Scots Magazine (1739-1803); see also The Edinburgh Magazine and Literary Miscellany
  • Walker’s Hibernian Magazine, or Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge, formerly The Hibernian magazine, or, Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge (1771-1811)
  • The Weekly Comedy, As it is Dayly Acted at Most Coffee-Houses in London (1699)
  • The Westminster Review, formerly The Westminster and Foreign Quarterly Review and The London and Westminster Review (1824-1914)

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