More Computers On 2nd and 3rd Floors

The staff of the Paley Library are pleased with the positive response of the Temple student body to the renovation of our first floor computing area. In fact, the area has become popular quickly and at peak hours it can be a challenge to find a computer. See the photo below which shows the computer area on a recent afternoon at 3:00 pm.


While there are almost double the number of computers in the first floor west computing area compared to prior semesters it still does not always meet the demand. Students should keep in mind that there are still an additional 25 computers by the front window on the east side of the first floor. During the summer we also added 20 computers on the second floor (10 on each side of the building) and 6 on the third floor (all on the west side). See the photo below of some computers on the third floor.

3rdflpcs.JPG So if you can’t find a computer on the first floor computing area, keep in mind we have more computers at other locations in the Paley Library. Do note that all of the library’s computers print to the printers located in the first floor computing area.

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