New Food/Beverage Policy Well Received

With the addition of new carpets, new furniture and new computers on the first floor west of the Paley Library, the hope is that it will all stay looking clean and well maintained for the students of today and tomorrow. To facilitate this goal a new food and beverage policy was introduced at the start of the fall semester. The new food policy allow snacks of all types, but foods that are by nature messy or aromatic (think styrofoam containers of chinese food, cheesesteaks or pizza) are no longer permitted in the library. We do make an exception for the new cafe area; the messy and/or aromatic foods are allowed there. Beverages of all types may be consumed as long as they are in a closed container.

foodposter.jpg So far Temple students are cooperatively adhering to the new policy, and we are receiving positive feedback about the changes to the first floor west of the Paley Library. We appreciate that Temple students are supporting our efforts to keep this area clean and a place that everyone on campus will want to use. More information about our new food and beverage policy is available on our website, or you may contact Steven Bell to discuss the new policy.

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