RefWorks with Attachments

RefWorks, the online citation manager, is a valuable and easy-to-use tool for all kinds of researchers from students to faculty. A brand new feature makes it even more useful.

Every RefWorks user now has 100MB of storage space to attach files to their citations. This means that not only can you store citations but also the full-text of articles, songs, images, or short videos. Files are limited to 5MB each, which should be sufficient for most uses.

With files stored in RefWorks you’ll never misplace that article you need for quoting in a paper or have to deal with a usb drive filled with unorganized files. RefWorks can keep them sorted in folders and searchable.

In case you missed it, we also added the RefShare module to RefWorks over the summer. For more information see this post on our blog. Also: see shared bibliographies from Temple on RefShare.

Questions? Contact Fred Rowland or Derik Badman.

–Derik A Badman

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