New Database Trial: Illustrated Civil War Newspapers & Periodicals

Illustrated Civil War Newspapers and Periodicals is the definitive online resource for research and study about Lincoln’s presidency and the events leading up to and throughout the American Civil War years, as presented by the media of the period. The database contains 65,000 pages drawn from 49 periodicals, including 15 campaign newspapers, most of them illustrated—3,720 issues published from 1860 to 1865. Originally printed in 16 different cities, many of the publications are now rare and hard to find, with an item sometimes extant only in a single archive. Carefully sought out and compiled from 17 different museum, library, and private collections, and thanks to the generosity of institutions such as the American Antiquarian Society, the Chicago Historical Society, and a number of private collectors, these resources are now available to modern scholars in electronic form for the first time” (

The trial will run through the remaining part of August and all of September. This is a username and password authenticated trial; use the information below to gain access to the database:

August Password:
Username: reviewer
Password: 67commencement7
(Valid until 8/31)

September Password:
Username: reviewer
Password: 5dictatorial92
(Valid until 9/30)

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David C. Murray

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