RefShare for RefWorks

The Library is pleased to announce the activation of the RefShare module for RefWorks, the online bibliographic manager. While RefWorks allows users to save and organize citations, as well as output bibliographies or formatted papers (in hundreds of citation styles), this has previously been a closed personal system. Sharing your bibliography with students, classmates, or colleagues has required you to export or output your citations in some way. With RefShare it only takes a click or two to make your bibligraphy viewable by anyone. RefShare allows you to make selected parts of your RefWorks library available to others, including:

  • a stable URL accessible by anyone even non-Temple or non-Refworks users
  • optionally allowing users to export, print, or create bibliographies from your shared citations
  • RSS feeds for new citations
  • optional commenting on citations
  • add your bibliography to the Temple Shared Folder Area for others at Temple to discover
  • Statistics on number of views of your shared citations

With this new feature:

  • Professors can share reading lists with students
  • Faculty and Researchers can share bibliographies with colleagues at Temple or anywhere
  • Students can share bibliographies with classmates (i.e. for group/team work)

You can view a web tutorial on using RefShare here. See the Temple Shared Folders Area for some sample shared bibliographies. Feel free to send any comments or questions. —Derik A Badman

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