Library Prize Winners Interviews

On April 27th, 2007, the awards for the 2006-2007 Library Prize for Undergraduate Research were presented to the winners and honourable mentions. In the weeks following, Fred Rowland, one of Temple’s reference librarians, spoke with the three winners and their faculty sponsors about the prize winning research. These discussions were recorded and are now presented as three audio files (10-12 minute long mp3 files, 2.5-3MB each):

Joseph Basile on his “Ending the ‘Inhuman Traffic’: The Role of Humanitarianism in the British Abolition Movement.”
With Dr. Travis Glasson.

iTunes U link (for downloads)

Clay Boggs on his “The Jews and the Pharisees in Early Quaker Polemic.”
With Professor David Watt.

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Matthew M. Rodrigue on his “Rethinking Academia: A Gramscian Analysis of Samuel Huntington.”
With Professor Kathy Le Mons Walker.

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Whether you are a faculty member or student, keep the library prize in mind for next year!

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