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Oral histories compiled by Pinelands Folklife Project (1983-84) including:

  • Discussion of construction, design, and use of Barnegat Bay sneakboxes. (Three minutes)
  • Discussion of restoration and use of a Van Zant sneakbox and use of pondboxes. (Seven minutes)
  • Description of design and use of Barnegat sneakboxes and garveys, and discussion of a local boatbuilder. (Six minutes)
  • Description of garveys and sneakboxes, and discussion of family boatbuilding tradition. (Five minutes)
  • Discussion of sneakbox construction and the difficulty of passing on the tradition. (One minute)
  • Discussion of family boatbuilding tradition, sneakbox construction, and problems with
  • fiberglass sneakboxes. (Three minutes)
  • Description of steps in building a sneakbox and discussion of decline of Jersey white cedar. (One minute)
  • Description of sneakbox-building process with mention of materials and tools. (Four minutes)
  • Discussion of sneakboxes built for sail. (One minute)

For details, see Library of Congress Archive of Folk Culture Finding Aid:

Barnegat Bay and Environs

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Maritime Americana

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Maritime Field Documentation

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