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What is the purpose of this contest?

  • To channel students’ emotional energy and express opinions through art.
  • To inspire, challenge, and engage any student who has the opportunity to view the artistic expression of their peers.

What kind of project can I submit?

  • There are 2 categories: Visual and Written
  • Visual: Can include drawings, paintings, sculpture, audio/video, collage, mixed media and photography
  • Written: Poetry, short stories, monologues

Where can I submit my art?

Use this link and fill out the submission form to enter the contest! Art Submission Form 2023

But I’m not an artist. Can I still participate?

  • Absolutely. Whether it is a painting, a sculpture made from aluminum foil, a drawing on a piece of notebook paper, or a poem written on a napkin. The focus is on the message. And how well that message is conveyed.

The theme is “justice.” What does that mean?

  • That’s the point. This is about your expression/interpretation of justice.

Do I have to submit my work online or can I drop it off?

This is an online contest and it is strongly recommended that all submissions be uploaded to this website. However, if contestants wish to drop off entries in person, please take them to Gladfelter Hall, office 509, located on the Department of Criminal Justice floor.

For the visual arts category, you can submit up to three images online to provide alternate views of the same work.

Where can I find more information?

For more information: contact us