Lab Members


Peter Lelkes, PhD

Laura H. Carnell Professor
Department Chair
Director, Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering (TIME)
Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

Yah-el Har-el, PhD

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Jonathan Arye Gerstenhaber, PhD

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Graduate Students

Robert Redden

Doctoral Student

Michael Phelan

Doctoral Student

Justin Braveboy-Wagner

Doctoral Student

Joseph Licata

Doctoral Student

Vahid Alizadeh

Doctoral Student

Kyle Schwab

Master’s Student

Undergraduate Students

Gillian McGuire

Undergraduate Researcher

Gillian McGuire is a Senior undergraduate bioengineering major with a chemistry minor with an interest in pursuing medical school. Currently Gillian is focusing on research for the Diamond Research Scholars program. It involves computer and mathematical modelling of cell growth, aggregation, and proliferation specifically for organoid models. The models intend to be predictive in order to design lab experiments to confirm or deny findings.

Former Members

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