The year of Elemental

As the year of Elemental continues, our third sound artist, Ng Chor Guan, chose the prompt Sense as his inspiration. Perception is defined as the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. ¬†Using the prompt and Guan’s haunting soundtrack, we each created separate videos, yet both pieces share a number of visual themes.

elemental: sense

The Theremin is an early and unusual electronic instrument where the performer plays the device without ever touching it. Malaysian composer Ng Chor Guan, a master of the theremin, chose ‘sense’ as his prompt to create this haunting soundtrack. Inspired by the feeling of mystery and loss, I created a piece based on an isolated artist residency I completed at the National Seashore of Cape Cod.

Elemental: Sense

Elemental: Sense is a collaborative work using a hauntingly beautiful sound track created by Ng Chor Guan, an internationally acclaimed, award winning composer from Malaysia. This experimental video was inspired by the otherworldly musical composition as well as my obsession with the cyclical dimension of the human condition.