About the project

Homegrown Stories is an online media project that began June 2013 but is informed by over two decades of media work by the two collaborating artists LeAnn Erickson and Sandy Dyas.  Each of the artists has a deep commitment to the aesthetics of still photography as it applies to the moving image as well as an intellectual interest in questions of personal space, the act of storytelling and the primacy of place in shaping one’s world view.

Embracing a one-shot aesthetic, the project is designed as a ‘conversation’ between collaborators, with each new posting inspired by the previous post. Using ‘pocket’ technology, such as smart phones and point-and-shoot cameras, the project seeks to capitalize on the serendipitous results of spontaneous interaction with one’s environment.

In 2015 Dyas and Erickson expanded the project to include invited artists.  Using a prompt, collaborators explored the parameters and boundaries of a chosen concept.

During 2017-2018 Dyas and Erickson launched Elemental, an iteration meant to push the collaborative aspect of the Homegrown Stories project. International sound artists were invited to create original sound work based on an Elemental prompt while Dyas and Erickson created separate video pieces. The serendipitous results can be experienced through the combined video/sound pieces.

In 2019, the filmmakers took a detour into 360 video- you can see the results by visiting the Youtube channel at thetrailsproject.com.

In 2020 the filmmakers will be back with a new iteration for Homegrown Stories investigating environmental issues.