Element: Earth

Terra firma, Gaea, Mother Earth. As humans, we are formed and grow in a watery environment but in the end, our bodily remains return to the earth.

This prompt has inspired our artists in various ways- looking to scientists for explanation or politicians for answers but always to art for release.

How can you help? Green America is one of many organizations fighting for a cleaner world and for the people who inhabit it.

Element: Water

Water is essential to life yet it is one of the most pressing elements affected by climate change.  It is the first element that Homegrown Stories artists are addressing this year.

Warming oceans, rising water levels, flooding rivers, polluted water sources- what can be done to reverse the damage?  Below are videos that document and witness while others investigate and interpret.

How can you help?  The Thrist Project is just one of many organizations tackling the issues of water and climate change.