2022- The Year of serving LEFTOVERS!

If you’re like me you have scads of video or film footage that you shot and never used, videos of something interesting that’s still on your phone, etc.  During 2022 the Homegrown Stories artists will be using leftovers as source material for three video projects. We have asked three sound artists to create short soundtracks using their leftovers which will be served up to our film artists as inspiration for their Leftover videos.

Our first sound artist is Howard Stelzer and his composition “Shaking off the Metaphors (edit)”

Eat up!

2021- Year of the Poet, the final posting

Melissa Ginsburg’s The Adder reads as a collage of thoughts – dark, moving, and searching.

In this final installment of The Year of the Poet, the program flow and individual videos reflect this stylistic approach.

Imagery includes film, photography, and found footage, and all use music or sound as an equal channel of information to the visual, creating this final body of work that investigates and interprets The Adder.

Melissa Ginsburg, The Adder

May the pond be free

from its companion      pondwater

blackening.       the pond’s edges


slipping             as it does

to the sides     behind

below    a swimming      adder


May the air and the sky be excused

from one another          as a child

from a table       as a table


from its planes the          house from

its frame           Free

garden from dirt



from sprouts waxing

white and long under layers


of mulch            Part spring from cold part

wood from grain part grain part monstrous

shout    Part splinter


from wood          splinter from flesh

Toss it in the fire

divorce fire


from its color its tremble and

its burn

Divorce:          does a door


need a wall to become itself

to separate

from to open to allow