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Gravity Forms add on plugins

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We offer a lot of add-on plugins to enhance your capabilities with Gravity Forms. Here you will find the full list of plugins, and what they do.

To make the list of plugins easier on the eyes, all Gravity Forms add-on plugins are hidden until Gravity Forms is activated on the site.

Gravity Forms Chained Selects Add-On

Adds the powerful Chained Selects field type, allowing you to chain multiple Drop Downs together (e.g. Make, Model, Year). Create this list in the CSV format and upload it directly to your

Gravity Forms Dropbox Add-On

Integrates Gravity Forms with Dropbox, enabling end users to upload files to Dropbox through Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms Event Tracking

Add event tracking to your Gravity Forms with ease using Google Analytics, Tag Manager, or Matomo (formerly Piwik).

Gravity Forms Polls Add-On

Polls Add-on for Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On

Quiz Add-on for Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Signature Add-On

Creates a Gravity Forms signature field that allows users to sign online using a mouse or stylus.

Gravity Forms Slack Add-On

Integrates Gravity Forms with Slack, allowing alerts for Gravity Forms activity to be posted to your Slack channels.

Gravity Forms Survey Add-On

Survey Add-on for Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Trello Add-On

Integrates Gravity Forms with Trello.

Gravity Forms Unique ID

The Unique ID perk provides a new “Unique ID” field type which generates a unique ID for the entry when submitted. It supports several types of unique IDs including alphanumericnumeric, and sequential.

Gravity Forms Zapier

Quickly integrate Zapier with any Gravity Forms powered form.

Gravity Perks

Gravity Perks is another suite of Gravity Forms add-on plugins known as ‘Perks’ all of these add-on plugins will not be visible unless the ‘Gravity Perks’ plugin is enabled. These plugins all start with ‘GP’ for Gravity Perks.

GP Limit Checkboxes

Limit how many checkboxes can be checked.

GP Limit Choices

Limit how many times a choice may be selected for Radio Button, Drop Down and Checkbox fields.

GP Limit Dates

Limit which days are selectable for your Gravity Forms Date Picker fields.

GP Limit Submissions

Limit the number of entries that can be submitted by almost anything (e.g. user, role, IP, field value).

GP Live Preview

Preview your forms on the frontend of your site.

GP Media Library

Upload files from a Gravity Forms File Upload field to the WordPress media library.

GP Multi-page Navigation

Navigate between form pages quickly by converting the page steps into page links or creating your own custom page links.

GP Nested Forms

Create forms within forms for better management of complex forms. Formception!

GP Placeholder

Add support for HTML5 placeholders to Gravity Forms.

GP Post Content Merge Tags

Adds support for Gravity Form merge tags in your post content.

GP Preview Submission

Add a simple submission preview to allow users to confirm their submission is correct before submitting the form.

GP Read Only

Mark your form fields as read-only to allow users to see field data but not modify it.

GP Terms of Service

Add a “Terms of Service” field to your forms.