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Enabling Captcha for Gravity Forms

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Creating Gravity Forms

If you do not know how to create Gravity Forms on Word Press, check out the following article.

Enabling Captcha for Gravity Forms

Once you have your Gravity Form ready for use, you can follow the following steps to add a Captcha to your Gravity Form.

  1. Locate the Form that you would like to add a Captcha to
  2. When you find the form you want, click the ‘Edit‘ button
  3. On the Right side menu expand the ‘Advanced Fields’ menu bar
  4. Drag the ‘CAPTCHA‘ option to where ever you would like on your form.
  5. Click on the CAPTCHA box to expand its options
  6. Under the ‘Type‘ Drop down menu select ‘Really Simple CAPTCHA
  7. After selecting this option the CAPTCHA will change to how it looks
  8. Save your Form and your CAPTCHA will be ready for use!


NOTE: This number CAPTCHA must be used in place of the default CAPTCHA for this CAPTCHA has been depreciated in Multi-site environments.