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Support Trans Rights! Write Your Elected Officials!

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Dear [Insert your elected official’s name; include formal title—such as Congressperson, Mayor, etc.]      ,

I am one of your constituents and I writing to encourage you to consider supporting legislation that directly or indirectly supports the rights of trans individuals in your [provide location: district/city/state.] As you likely know, several laws throughout our country have emerged in the last few years, one that directly target and curtail the lives of trans individuals. This is creating an unfortunate and even deadly environment in which trans people are forced to live.

For example, Florida’s House Bill 1639 would restrict a trans person’s ability to receive accurate state-issued identification, which limits their ability to drive a car, submit work documentations, even board a plane—all things that cisgender people take for granted. Recent “bathroom bills,” such as SB129 in Alabama, dictate a trans person’s access to using facilities that correspond with their gender, which creates anxiety and even danger around addressing daily bodily functions. And recent bills like Wisconsin’s AB377 restrict a trans person’s ability to compete in sports as their genuine selves, thus telling trans people that they are undeserving of competing in sports. These laws, when coupled with other movements to restrict a person’s access to books in several states, books which present crucial information about the trans experience, severely compromise a person’s ability to live their lives on a daily basis without harassment (or worse). These people need access to life-affirming and life-saving information, just as their families and allies need to understand how to support the trans people they love. These laws are compromising these people’s lives in a devastating way.

As one of your constituents, I urge you to support any and all positive trans legislation that might cross your desk or appear for discussion in your voting bodies. I also urge you to vote compassionately when considering anti-trans legislation that comes before you. Lives are at stake, and you can make a difference.


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