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Temple Rome Collaborates on Virtual Guest Lectures and Critiques

During the Fall 2020 semester, TUR Faculty offered live or recorded guest lectures to support Main Campus virtual classes. Our architecture faculty (Andrew Kranis, Cinzia Abbate, and Carolina Vaccaro) offered guest lectures and critiques to students in Professor Rashida Ng’s ARCH 2151: Architecture, Technology and the Environment class, as well as critiques in Professor Robert Z. Shuman’s ARCH 3232: Architectural Design IV course. Additionally, Professor Kranis (TUR-ARCH) presented on Fascist Architecture and offered small samples of his walks in Rome, which blend history, intrigue, and architecture. Professor Diego Pagliarulo presented several lectures and on-site videos on the Fascism period in Rome in Professor Eileen Ryan’s HIST 2480: Topics in History Class. Professors Marta Bordignon and Lorenzo Rinelli collaborated on a discussion of Immigration and Human Rights in Italy for Temple Japan (TUJ), while Professor Robert Huber did an on-site, recorded lecture for TUJ on several Raphael paintings, including at the Vatican Museum.

Professor Andrew Kranis, arriving at the Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome
Professor Andrew Kranis discussing “Trasteverini”
Professor Diego Pagliarulo lectures on Fascism in Rome
Professor Diego Pagliarulo lectures on Fascism in Rome

For Spring 2021, Temple Rome will again offer our faculty expertise in Italian Language (all levels and many topical areas, including music, art history, cinema, fashion, art history (from the founding of Rome to contemporary art-especially deep coverage of early, mid and late Renaissance and the Baroque), The Convergence of Gender studies & the Arts, Techniques and Methods in Visual Arts and Architecture, History (particularly Ancient History and European History), Immigration and Race, Politics and Political Economy in the E.U., Pop Culture in Modern Italy, Italian Mafia, and (Italian) Eating Culture.  If you would like a guest lecture or recorded content for your class, complete the International Collaboration Connection Program Request form, and Contact TUR’s Chief Academic Officer Mary Conran ( with questions.  

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