About the DEEL Fellowship

The DEEL Fellowship at Temple University aims to enrich the leadership of Philadelphia’s ECE community in two ways: by supporting DEEL Fellows, mid-career professionals of color working in early childhood education in Philadelphia, and by supporting DEI Partner Organizations in ECE around the City to build greater and more equitable access to leadership roles.

Over 2 years, Fellows will:

  • Complete graduate courses at Temple University, leading to a transcripted Temple certificate. The Fellowship pays all tuition costs. We suggest Fellows choose between two certificate programs:
    • The Diversity Leadership certificate program includes two courses
    • The Urban Education certificate program includes four courses
    • We suggest that Fellows take one course per semester. Most courses meet at Temple, one night per week, from 5:30-7:50 pm, although some are offered online.
    • For the Diversity Leadership program, Fellows could take one course in fall and one in spring, or both could be taken over the summer. For the Urban Education program, courses are offered in fall and spring.
  • Participate in monthly seminars and mentoring at Temple University to build new skills and professional networks. Seminars will be held via zoom or at Temple, in the evenings. The Fellowship will cover parking.
  • Partner with a local ECE-related non-profit for about 1 day/month as an intern to conduct a project that will benefit Philadelphia’s ECE community. The Fellowship will cover travel costs and will provide resources to conduct the project (e.g., to purchase materials, make copies). The Fellowship also includes some funds for the organization you work for to offset any costs they incur for coverage of your position while you are at your internship organization.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Partner Organizations will:

  • Host and mentor the Fellows in a mutually agreed-upon project. As above, the Fellows receive funding to support the project, so that costs do not fall on the DEI Partner Organization.
  • Participate in a self-study, led by Temple faculty, to understand and enhance commitment to diversity in hiring, promotion, and service provision in ECE. The Fellowship includes funding to compensate the staff of DEI Partner Organizations who lead this work.


Please contact annemarie dot hindman at temple dot edu