Blog Post 3: Potential Topics for Final Project

there are three topics that I am interested in pursuing for my final project. My first choice is to focus on the history of brutal and racially motivated practices by police in the city of Philadelphia. Since the inception of the police force here in 1830, there are countless cases of police wrongdoing and misconduct, with many incidents resulting in the death of an innocent person. Despite this, only one officer has ever been found guilty, and even he received an extremely lenient sentence. Another possible topic is the history of Native Americans in the Philadelphia area. An often overlooked group, they have faced discrimination since white people first arrived in the area, and it persists to this day. One last possible topic I am considering is the rich cultural history of minorities in Philadelphia. I like this one because there is much to be said about the contributions people of color have made to Philly, including art, music, athletics to name a few. Also, while the other two potential topics focus on the negative treatment of minority groups in Philadelphia, this one would instead look at the positive contributions they have made, while still of course keeping in mind the troubled history they have experienced.


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