Blog post #9: Our Current Moment

My topic, police brutality perpetrated by the Philadelphia Police Department, not only has significant connections to current events, but was in fact inspired by those very events. Anyone not living under a rock has bore witness to the atrocities committed by police upon African Americans in the United States. The prevalence of these killings, combined with increased viral footage of them, has spawned international movements, thousands of protests, and countless debates about race issues in the U.S. Transcending just police violence, movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Stop Asian Hate have prompted important discussions, and hopefully action, regarding race relations. Themes explored in my project will parallel those embodied in these movements. They include accountability, justice, tolerance/acceptance, and history. The audience I hope to reach with this project are not the people who agree with me. There is no point in preaching to them. I think it is more important this project reaches those who will go in disagreeing with me. My goal is to present facts and evidence to support my claim, followed by my opinion on the facts and evidence, and then finally a plea to, at the very least, know the facts. In my best case scenario, my plea will reach deeper than that, and hopefully lead to a better understanding of the issue as a whole.

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