Festival 2018

© 2018 d’Agostino

CSArts interdisciplinary working group at Temple University presents
an Earth Week international video festival, April 16-20

April 16  Opening events Temple Science Education and Research Center 1925 N 12th Street

Program I: 5:30 pm  SERC video wall installation ( daily to Apr 20, 5 -10pm )

World-Wide-Walks / between earth & water / DESERTS
Peter d’Agostino

Everyday Brilliance: Flow and Reflection in Wissahickon Creek
Merián Soto

© 2018 Amsden, Soto, Jones-Blains   

Program II:  6:00 pm  SERC 110B  Media Arts, Dance & Science projects
Our Health, Our City  Plastic Commune / Michael Kuetemeyer
Mi Nombre es Olive Ridley  Deirdre Maitre
Where  Ying Yu

Source  Prudence Amsden, Teressa Barr, Alissa Elegant
Tyra Jones-Blains, Enya-Kalia Jordan, Kalila Kingsford Smith
Dawn States, Avi Wold-Bourochoff

Through the Eyes of Integrative Ecologists
Jocelyn Behm, Matthew Helmus  Integrative Ecology Lab ( iEcoLab )

© 2018  Helmus, Maitre, Kuetemeyer

CSArts is supported by the Film & Media Arts Sustainability Fund


Apr 18   Program III:  5:30pm  Tuttleman Learning Center Room 400

Inner Nature: Against the Tide
Curated by: Estela López De Frutos, Lorena Rodríguez Mattalía
Chiara Sgaramella  Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

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