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Current Members


Tania Giovannetti, Ph.D., ABPP-CN 


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Graduate Students

mis_photoRachel Mis, M.A.


Rachel is currently on her APA Internship year at UCLA in the clinical psychology program. Rachel also received an NIH/NIA/NRSA F31 fellowship and an APF COGDOP award to support her dissertation. Her long-term research interests involve identifying the cognitive processes that underlie everyday functioning, elucidating their role in functional decline in healthy aging and neurodegenerative disease, and developing targeted interventions to improve daily functioning using a precision medicine approach to treatment. She aims to conduct translational research that bridges cognitive neuroscience and clinical diagnosis/treatment of neurodegenerative conditions. Her dissertation project examines the utility of eye tracking during a virtual reality task as a sensitive measure of everyday cognition. Her 2020 quarantine hobbies include staring wistfully at old travel photos, upping her home bartending skills, and snuggling her cat, Minnie.



Katherine Hackett


Katherine is currently on her APA internship year at NYU Langone in the clinical psychology program. Katherine also received a NIH/NIA/NRSA F31 fellowship to support her dissertation. Her research interests include the use of smartphones and other technologies to improve upon existing methods of neuropsychological assessment and intervention, particularly with respect to increased efficiency, sensitivity, ecological validity and personalization. She is also interested in person-centered, strengths-based approaches to help individuals at risk for or diagnosed with dementia. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, yoga, listening to and playing music, trying new restaurants and spending time with her dog Jackson.



Stephanie Simone


Stephanie is a fourth-year doctoral student in the clinical psychology program. Her research interests include investigating modifiable risk factors and ways to promote engagement in dementia risk-reducing behaviors in midlife. She is also interested in early identification of cognitive impairment, as well as exploring interventions to improve quality of life and cognitive functioning in healthy aging and dementia. In her spare time, she enjoys discovering new restaurants or recipes, taking walks along the river, reading, and spending time with her dogs, Tucker and TJ.



Molly Ungrady


Molly is a fourth year doctoral student in the clinical psychology program. Her research interests include early onset dementia, improving the early detection of cognitive impairments, and developing interventions to help maintain cognitive function after the onset of these impairments. She enjoys running, the beach, exploring new parts of Philadelphia and the world, and spending quality time with friends, family, and her cat Luna!





Sophia Holmqvist


Sophia is a second year doctoral student in the clinical psychology program. Her research interests include examining relations among neuroimaging/biomarkers, more culturally sensitive measures of cognition and function, and data derived from novel technologies (i.e., wearables) to inform cognitive decline risk and detection in older adults. In her free time, Sophia loves hiking, anything involving the outdoors, painting, and exploring the great food in Philly!




Giuliana Vallecorsa


Giuliana is a second year in the Neuroscience master’s program. Her research interest includes how neurodevelopmental disorders can impact cognition throughout lifetime. She is also interested in the development of psychiatric disorders and discovering ways to detect cognitive impairment early in childhood. Outside of academia, Giuliana enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time in nature.  




Marina Kaplan


Marina is a fourth year undergraduate student at Temple majoring in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience. Marina was accepted into the 4+1 accelerated master’s program for psychological research at Temple. Her research interests include developing technology mechanisms for dementia intervention. Outside of academia, Marina enjoys traveling, reading, spending time with her friends and family, and considers herself quite the foodie!



Research Coordinators


Moira Mckniff


Moira is a Temple University Class of 2020 Graduate with a degree in Psychology and minor in Cognitive Neuroscience. Her research interests include testing novel technology to assess and detect cognitive impairment, and understanding how immigration, acculturation, and learning a second language affects memory, cognition, and neuropsychological test performance. In her spare time Moira enjoys traveling to new places, running, reading, and cooking Italian food.



Undergraduate Students

Dhruvi Mehta


Dhruvi is a Temple senior majoring in psychology. Her research interests include everyday functioning impairment in cognitively impaired older adult populations, cognitive aging and the effects of neurodegenerative diseases, as well as the factors that influence it. Outside of research, she enjoys reading, singing, writing creatively and exploring Philadelphia.




Molly Sabol 


Molly is a Temple Junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Cognitive Neuroscience. Her research interests include the effects of neurodegenerative disorders and TBIs, as well as rehabilitation strategies to improve everyday functioning in adults with cognitive impairments. In her free time, Molly enjoys trying out new restaurants in Philadelphia, reading, going to the beach, listening to music, and spending time with her 2 dogs.




Louisa Franco


Louisa is a Temple senior with a major in Psychology and a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience. Her research interests include cognitive impairments associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and early onset dementia, everyday functioning, and exploring the structure and content of consciousness. In her free time, she enjoys making music, dancing, and adventuring with friends.




Nidhi Makkithaya


Nidhi is a sophomore Biology major on the pre-med track with a certificate in American Sign Language. She took an introductory psychology course during her freshman year that led to her interest in research related to the effects of aging and how to prevent or slow down cognitive decline that occurs due to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Outside of academics, she loves to read thriller novels, watch horror movies, and spend time with family and friends!