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Please review our lab’s COVID-Information-Sheet before your study visit. 


We have several open studies for people over age 60. Our studies do not involve medications or invasive medical procedures, like needles. Also, participants are paid for the time that they spend on our studies. Please contact us to learn more about each project and if you are eligible to participate.

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The following studies are currently open for enrollment: 

SmartPrompt Application for Improving Everyday Function 

People with mild dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) experience difficulties completing everyday tasks, such as remembering to take medications, leading to secondary health issues, caregiver burden, and high medical care costs. The straightforward design of the SmartPrompt smartphone application is intended to help people with dementia do everyday activities that are important to them. We are currently recruiting people aged 65 and older with diagnoses of mild dementia or mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to participate in this study. View the SmartPrompt flyer here. 

The Virtual Kitchen as an Assessment Tool

We have developed a computer game, called the Virtual Kitchen, as a measure of everyday function for people with all levels of cognitive ability, from healthy aging to mild dementia. We are currently seeking people aged 65 and up to help us validate the Virtual Kitchen. You do not have to have a diagnosis of dementia or MCI to participate. View the study flyer here.

The Virtual Kitchen as an Intervention Tool

We have developed the Virtual Kitchen computer game to train people to do everyday tasks. We are currently recruiting people aged 65 and up with diagnoses of mild dementia or MCI to help us test the Virtual Kitchen Intervention. View the study flyer here.

 Verbal Short-Term Memory as a Predictor of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia

This study examines verbal short-term memory, which is often impaired after stroke, in people without stroke to develop an integrated framework that will help us identify risk factors for both stroke and dementia. We are currently looking for people aged 65 and upto participate in this study. This study also includes an MRI of the brain at Temple University. View the study flyer here.