Dr. Kevin Gannon

Kevin Gannon is Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and professor of history at Grand View University. His teaching, research, and writing centers on critical and inclusive pedagogy; race, history, and justice (especially nineteenth-century history, historiography, and theory); and technology and teaching. He works closely with faculty, staff, and administration to promote excellence and innovation in teaching. He is currently writing a textbook for the US Civil War and Reconstruction eras that’s grounded in settler-colonial theory for Routledge.

Kevin appeared in the 2016 Oscar-nominated documentary 13th, directed by Ava DuVernay. He is the author of Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto, part of the West Virginia University Press series Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, edited by James M. Lang. He is a speaker and consultant about a range of topics on campuses across North America; in this work, he endeavors to bring passion, humor, and interactivity to his audiences. He can be found on Twitter at @TheTattooedProf.

Dr. Sarah Rose Cavanagh

Sarah Rose Cavanagh is a psychologist, professor, and Associate Director of the D’Amour Center for Teaching Excellence at Assumption University. Her research considers whether the strategies people choose to regulate their emotions and the degree to which they successfully accomplish this regulation can predict trajectories of psychological functioning over time. Her most recent research project, funded by the Davis Educational Foundation, focuses on whether giving students tools from emotion regulation at the start of class can improve their same-day and semester-long learning.

Sarah’s first book, The Spark of Learning: Energizing the College Classroom with the Science of Emotion, was published in 2016 and her second book, HIVEMIND: The New Science of Tribalism in Our Divided World, was published in 2019. She is currently at work on her third book Vanquishing Our Monsters: Responding to the Student Mental Health Crisis with Learning Environments of Compassionate Challenge. She gives keynote addresses and workshops at a variety of colleges and regional conferences, blogs for Psychology Today, and writes essays for venues like Literary Hub and The Chronicle of Higher Education. She’s also on Twitter too much, at @SaRoseCav.