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Frequently Asked Questions

Application-related questions

Am I eligible to apply?

The BRIDGE summer scholars program is for individuals entering their final year of undergraduate education here at Temple. Regarding additional eligibility, we will be using the NIH Guidelines for underrepresented populations. Note that in addition to racial and ethnic diversity, this includes individuals with disabilities, are first generation college students, who have or currently are experiencing homelessness, were or currently are in the foster care system, and other groups.

Does this include individuals that are graduating in the Fall semester?

Yes. As long as you are a Temple student as of Spring 2024 – Fall 2024, you are eligible to apply.

What is the application process?

In order to apply for the BRIDGE program you will need to provide your unofficial undergraduate transcript (you can get this from TU Portal), the lab preference sheet, the URM qualification sheet, and the name of professor who knows them who we can contact in lieu of rec letter. You will also have to provide short answers to the following prompts:

• Why are you interested in research in general?
• What research topics are you most interested in?
• How will conducting research help meet your career goals?
• Have there been any obstacles that have prevented you from getting involved in research prior to your senior year?
• What do you hope to get of this experience?

This is all available on the program application

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

There is NO minimum GPA requirement. 

When is the application due?

Applications will open Spring 2024, and will close in March.

What labs will I be able to apply to? Will I get to pick the lab I am most interested in?

On the lab information sheet, you will see a list of the participating labs. Go through them, and identify the labs that ask questions you are really interested in and use methods you would be really interested in learning. We’ll ask you to rank your top four choices on the lab preference sheet, and will try our best to match you with one of your top preferences.

Is there an interview process?

There is no formal interview process, but the lab director/primary investigator may reach out with questions following the application process. 

Program related questions

What will be expected of me in the program?

If you are accepted into the BRIDGE program, we expect that you will be able to work over the summer for 11 weeks (average 40 hours per week). This includes six mandatory career development workshops every other week, which will be Tuesdays from 3-5pm. 

What kinds of things will I get out of this program?

The primary aim of this program is to give you hands on experience conducting psychological and neuroscience research. One of the best ways to do this is through experiential learning and directed mentorship. You will also have network opportunities with your fellow BRIDGE program peers, faculty in the Psychology department, and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. These kinds of relationships are critical for things like recommendation letters for graduate, medical, law school, etc. In addition, we will provide multiple career development opportunities through biweekly workshops, you will gain experience presenting and preparing research, and also pick up data analytic skills. We want to emphasize that the skills acquired through participation in this program will be useful for many future careers (e.g., medicine, industry), not just academic psychology or neuroscience.

Will I be able to have another job during the program?

This program is full-time and you will be expected to work roughly 9-5 Monday-Friday. Different labs have different schedules but you should arrange any other part-time work outside of this time frame.

What are the start-dates and the end-dates?

Monday, May 20th, 2024 — Friday, August 2nd, 2024

*Note: scholars are permitted to take 1 week (5 days) of vacation during this time window and should arrange this with their mentor.

Post-program questions

Will I be able to continue on in the lab following the program?

If you are in good standing at the end of the program, you can continue on in the lab for independent study (this is course credit, which counts towards major elective requirements). 

What kinds of things will this program prepare me for?

All sorts of things! Graduate school, medical school, post bac research positions (e.g., lab manager, full time research associate). Even if you decide not to pursue a research career, the career development skills (e.g., CV/resume development, presentation experience) and training (e.g., statistical analyses, coding, etc.) will be helpful for many diverse career options. 

Whom should I contact with additional questions?

Co-Directors: Dr. Lisa Briand (Neuroscience), Dr. Chelsea Helion (Psychology), Dr. Tom Olino (Psychology)