November 8, 2016



TUESDAY, November 8, 2016




Attending: Doreva Belfiore, Steven Bell, Brian Boling, Mark Darby, Kristina De Voe (chair), Matt Ducmanas, Catherine Dunn, Erin Finnerty, Leanne Finnigan, Andrea Goldstein, Justin Hill, Delphine Khanna, Karen Kohn (recording), Rick Lezenby, Rebecca Lloyd, Jill Luedke, Jessica Lydon, Katy Rawdon, Fred Rowland, Adam Shambaugh, Caitlin Shanley, Margery Sly, Sandi Thompson, Kim Tully, Nancy Turner, Sarah Yerger

  1. Approval of minutes from the September meeting (K. Kohn)

Minutes were approved.

  1. New staff introductions

a. Sarah Yerger (C. Dunn)

Sarah is the Technical Services Librarian in the Law Library.

  1. Change in Bylaws — vote (K. De Voe)

A question was raised about whether the Resident Librarians would have a choice to serve on committees or would be required to. The intention of the proposal was to make it a requirement. Following discussion, it was determined that the Steering Committee will amend the language to say that committee service is encouraged rather than required. The General Assembly will vote on this in January. It was also clarified that Resident Librarians are members of the TAUP bargaining unit, but it is not within the purview of AAL to confirm any procedures related to orienting the Resident Librarians to TAUP.

  1. Discussion of request to update search committee processes (K. De Voe)

The Steering Committee was contacted by the Selection and Appointment Committee about the fact that one of the finalists from the Digital Projects and Services Librarian search had been offered a different position within the library, without the search committee’s prior knowledge. As a result of this, the Steering Committee along with Dean Lucia had a discussion about ways to increase communication between search committees and the Dean. The Steering Committee, with input from the Selection and Appointment Committee, will draft recommended changes to search processes in order  to increase communication.

  1. Old Business


  1. New Business/Announcements

The Merit Committee for 2015-16 has been formed. Members are Jim Bongiovanni, Matt Ducmanus, Karen Kohn, Fred Rowland, Kim Tully. Chair tbd.

  1. Adjournment

Adjourned at 2:45.

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