September 13, 2016



TUESDAY, September 13, 2016





Attending: Doreva Belfiore, Steven Bell, Brian Boling, Jim Bongiovanni, Anastasia Chiu, Carla Davis Cunningham, Mark Darby, Kristina De Voe (chair), Erin Finnerty, Leanne Finnigan, Andrea Goldstein, Josue Hurtado, Latanya Jenkins, Noa Kaumeheiwa, Karen Kohn (recording), Molly Larkin, Rebecca Lloyd, Joe Lucia, Jill Luedke, Jessica Lydon, Fred Rowland, Margery Sly,    Adam Shambaugh, Caitlin Shanley, Matt Shoemaker, Jackie Sipes, Gretchen Sneff, Kim Tully, Nancy Turner


  1. Approval of minutes from the May meeting (K. Kohn)


2. Dean’s update/remarks (J. Lucia)

  1. The Dean expressed optimism about new Provost and President. The Provost is planning to come meet with AAL (possibly all library staff) later this fall.
  2. Updates on the new library building – Snøhetta has been working on a re-design in steel rather than concrete, due to the cost of materials. Facilities feels strongly about sticking to our planned opening date of August 2018 despite the changes.
  3. The Digital Resource Fee was approved, and the money is in our budget.
  4. The Academic Advising Center on Paley 1st floor East will probably not open until the beginning of the Spring semester.
  5. The library has made the case to Purchasing for Ex Libris’ Alma. Joe is hoping to begin contract negotiations with Ex Libris in October.


  1. Updated PARA Process document (C. Davis Cunningham)

Carla will post the updated document on the website.


  1. Change in Bylaws discussion (K. De Voe)

Last Spring the Nominations and Elections Committee proposed the creation of positions on the Steering Committee and Continuing Education Committee for Resident Librarians. As the idea was received positively by the Assembly, this year’s Steering Committee is proposing new wording for the bylaws to incorporate these changes.

Feedback should be sent to Kristina. We will vote on this at the next General Assembly.


  1. Old Business
  2. AAL calendar (K. De Voe)

There is now a shared Google calendar for AAL meetings and events. Committees are encouraged to add their events to it. The calendar won’t replace the use of email to announce meetings, events, or deadlines, especially if an event might be open to staff who are not in AAL.


  1. New Business/Announcements


  1. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 pm.

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