Committee Composition 2019/20

This page is no longer maintained. For up-to-date information regarding the Academic Assembly of Librarians, please visit our public Confluence site.

Steering Committee

Brian Boling, Chair [2019/20]
Leanne Finnigan, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect [2019/20-2020/21]
Stefanie Ramsay, Recording Secretary [2018/19-2019/20]
Sarah Jones, Member-at-Large [2019/20-2020/21]
Urooj Nizami, Resident Librarian [2019/20]
Katy Rawdon, Member-at-Large [2018/19-2019/20]
Joseph P. Lucia, Dean of University Libraries, ex officio

Continuing Education Committee

Rachel Appel, [2018/19-2019/20]
Lori Bradley, At-Large representative [2018/19-2019/20]
Jessica Lydon [2019/20]
Vitalina Nova, [2019/20-2020/21]
Richie Holland, Director of Administration, ex officio

Faculty Senate Library Committee

Emily Toner [2019/20-2021/22]

Representative Faculty Senate

Rebecca Lloyd [2019/20-2020/21-2021/22]
Adam Shambaugh [2017/18-2018/19-2019/20]

Merit Committee [2019/20]

Lauri Fennell
Gabe Galson
Sarah Jones
Greg McKinney
Stefanie Ramsay
Kim Tully, Chair

Nominations and Elections Committee

Lauri Fennell [2019/20-2020/21]
Kim Tully, Chair [2018/19-2019/20]

Promotion and Regular Appointment Committee

Carla Davis Cunningham [2019/20-2020/21]
Kristina DeVoe [2018/19-2019/20]
Josue Hurtado [2019/20-2020/21]
Jill Luedke [2018/19-2019/20]

Selection and Appointment Committee

Erin Finnerty, Chair [2018/19-2019/20]
Latanya Jenkins [2019/20-2020/21]
Stefanie Ramsay [2019/20-2020/21]
Caitlin Shanley [2018/19-2019/20]



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