03.29.17 Madison becomes the 3rd Wuest Group Ph.D.! Great job today and best of luck at UC-Irvine with Greg!

03.16.17 Colleen (with the help of Andrew) and Amy (with the help of Alex, Kelly, and Rich) dominate the POCC Poster Session coming in 1st and 2nd! Great work by the lab all around!

03.08.17 Congrats to Megan for successfully defending her thesis! The 2nd Wuest Group Ph.D.! Good luck in Medical School Dr. Jennings!

03.01.17 The Wuest Group will be moving to Emory University in the June! We are excited to head south to our new home!

01.24.17 Temple University highlights the group’s recent accomplishments! Great job guys!

11.08.16 Madison is awarded a University Dissertation Completion Fellowship for the Spring! Great work!

08.08.16 The group has been awarded an NIH R01 Grant to support our work on Carolacton! We thank the NIDCR for their support!

08.04.16 Bill has been named the inaugural Daniel Swern Early Career Development Professor in recognition of his teaching and research achievements!

08.01.16 The group welcomes two new postdocs, Young and Rico, and two undergrads, Isabelle and Anisa!

07.19.16 Bill has been invited to speak at the Academic Young Investigator Symposium at the Philly ACS in August!

07.05.16 Our collaborative work with the Minbiole Group was highlighted on the back cover of ChemMedChem! Nice art work Megan!

06.30.16 Bill was awarded an NIH ESI Maximizing Investigator Research Award based on all of the group’s hard work! We appreciate the support from NIGMS!

06.22.16 Andrew is awarded the Swern Research Award which is given to the top researchers in the department, great job!

05.06.16 Congratulations to our graduates – Claire, Sierra, Kyle, and Rich!

04.28.16 Our latest paper on the diverted total synthesis of promysalin is now out in JACS! Nice work Andrew, Colleen, Kyle, Sean, and Sierra!

04.27.16 Check out our two latest reviews in Current Topics in Med. Chem and Chem. Biol. & Drug Design covering our QAC research (Team Villanova) and Twelve-membered Macrolactones (Rich) respectively!

04.21.16 Congrats to Claire for being accepted into the JET program! Good luck in Japan after graduation!

04.14.16 Sierra and Kyle presented their work at the Temple Turf-CREWS undergraduate research symposium.

04.13.16 Rich successfully defends his Ph.D. and becomes the first group doctorate! Great job Dr. Brzozowski! Good luck at TCRS, you will be missed!

04.11.16 Sierra and Kyle will be attending UC-Irvine and The Scripps Research Institute, respectively, for graduate school. Kyle’s story was featured in CST and the department newsletter! Congrats guys!

03.29.16 Congrats to Colleen and Zack (former undergrad, now in the Wolenski lab at Harvard Chem) for receiving NSF GRFP Honorable Mentions! Great job guys!

03.14.16 Colleen, Megan, and Kyle are featured in the Temple Research Video!

02.23.16 Andrew and Colleen’s poster is awarded 1st prize at the YCC Philly Poster Session. Nice work!

02.19.16 Megan receives the outstanding RA Award recognizing the top graduate student researcher in the college.

02.10.16 Kyle’s sole author paper is out in J. Antibiotics. A remarkable amount of work was accomplished in one semester by an undergraduate, tremendous work!

01.07.16 Megan’s tenth publication, summarizing all of our QAC research, has been accepted to Tetrahedron. Congrats!

12.01.15 Bill received the 2016 Thieme Chemistry Journal Award recognizing young investigators worldwide whose research focuses on synthetic organic chemistry.

11.30.15 Welcome to the Wuest Group Lauren Martin, Kelly Morrison, Sean Rossiter, and Amy Solinski!

11.11.15 Rich is awarded an University dissertation completion fellowship!

10.10.15 Colleen and Andrew’s Synpact article highlighting the rhizosphere microbiome and their recent JACS paper was accepted.

09.08.15 Megan and Madison’s ChemBioChem paper was accepted and highlighted as a Very Important Paper!

07.30.15 Congrats to Alex for winning MVP honors at the GRC Natural Products softball game!

07.02.15 Kevin is featured on NPR and highlights our collaborative work on QACs!

07.01.15 Congratulation to Megan for receiving the Case Fellowship from the Chemistry Department recognizing her outstanding research accomplishments over the past year!

05.28.15 Andrew, Colleen, and Kyle’s work on promysalin was published in JACS. Congrats!

05.17.15 Congratulations to Andrew for his poster award at the 8th Annual Frontiers at the Chemistry-Biology Interface meeting!

04.30.15 Kyle has been awarded an NOS Undergraduate travel grant to present his research at the 2015 NOS meeting. Congrats Kyle!

04.16.15 Bill has been awarded the NSF CAREER Award for the group’s work in species-specific natural products and for their outreach activities. We are ecstatic for the support!

04.01.15 NovaLyse BioSolutions begins! The company will commercialize our QAC-technology, developed in collaboration with the Minbiole lab, to combat the rise in healthcare-acquired infections. Congratulations to the founders – Bill, Kevin Minbiole, and Mike Shine!

03.31.15 Congratulations to Claire for earning an honorable mention for the Goldwater Scholarship! She was the only undergraduate from TU to earn this recognition.

03.03.15 Congratulations to Sierra for being named a 2015 ACS Scholar!

02.13.15 Congratulations to Madison, Rich, and Megan for successfully defending their Original Research Proposals and being elevated to Candidacy!

01.20.15 Bill is awarded $200,000 in funding through the University City Science Center’s QED Proof-of-Concept Program for the QAC project! We will hope to be developing the next generation of disinfectants for a variety of commercial industries including healthcare, transportation, water, and energy.

KYW NewsRadio Feature             Philly.com Write-up             TU Write-up

01.15.15  Bill has been invited to present his research and lead discussion sections at the Bioorganic and Natural Products Gordon Research Conferences this summer. 

12.15.14 Welcome to the Wuest Group Colleen Keohane!

11.30.14 Bill is awarded the Italia-Eire Foundation Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award. This is the highest teaching honor of the College of Science and Technology and Bill was the youngest professor to be given this award in the history of the College! Congratulations Bill!

TU Write-up

09.28.14 Rich’s paper was recognized as one of the top 10 most viewed articles on Organic Letters for the Jan-Jun 2014! Congratulations Rich!

04.01.14 Megan has been awarded a prestigious NSF Graduate Student Fellowship! Congratulations Megan!

01.31.14 The synthesis of Carolacton has been published in a collaborative effort with Dr. Phillips from Yale University in Organic Letters. The Wuest lab investigated the bioactivity of the synthetic compound! Congratulations to all!

07.30.13 Bill receives his first major grant for his independent career from the Charles E. Kaufman Foundation, a subset of the Pittsburgh Foundation. The award was given for research on “The Development of Chemical Probes to Study Nucleoside Signaling in Bacterial Biofilms.” Congratulations Bill!

Award Announcement              Temple Feature

12.18.13 Welcome to the Wuest Group Alex Koval and Andrew Steele!

04.14.13 Bill has been invited to give a Young Investigator Award Lecture at Montana State University’s Biofilm Institute CBE Summer Meeting. He looks forward to the presentation as well as meeting fellow investigators in the fight against biofilms!

02.25.13 Accepted chemistry graduate students visited Temple University this past weekend to meet current students and professors and to get a sense of what life is like in Philadelphia. Students had the chance to interview with professors, tour the college, and spend an evening bowling in South Philly! We look forward to seeing some of you here next year!

12.22.12 Welcome to the Wuest Group Madison Fletcher, Renee Harris, Megan Jennings and Charlie Kinzie!

09.1.12 Graduate students Rich Brzozowski and Madison Fletcher, as well as undergraduate student Lifan He, presented posters on biofilm inhibition during the National American Chemical Society in Philadelphia in August 2012. Postdoctoral Fellows Gopee Sreenilayam and Bulan Wu were also publishing authors on the posters.