Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Vasily Dolgushev and I am a Professor at the Department of Mathematics of Temple University

My current research revolves around geometric Galois actions, operads and questions related to finite type invariants of knots.

My Email addresses are

  • vald[well-known-character]temple[dot]edu
  • pekatom[well-known-character]gmail[dot]com

My work address is

Department of Mathematics, Temple University,
1805 N. Broad Street, Wachman Hall Office 530,
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6094,
Phone: 215-204-7287,
Fax: 215-204-6433

Most of my papers can be found at the e-Print archive of Cornell University



The webpage is under construction…

The graphical representation (i.e. my picture) is the courtesy of Layosh Dobos.