How much better has it been than lounging in too great a comfort at home?
-Robert Falcon Scott, leader of the ill-fated Terra Nova expedition to Antarctica

Epilogue is an online media project informed by nearly three decades of creative work. Beginning summer 2015, I will embark on a series of environmentally sustainable trips where pocket technology will be used to capture and interpret my experiences. Through the use of video, photography and text I will chronicle the serendipitous moments and spontaneous interactions that arise. Particular attention will be paid to stories of sustainable living.

Traveling in a tiny, solar-powered trailer constructed specifically for the project, Epilogue will investigate questions of personal space, the act of storytelling and the primacy of place in shaping one’s worldview.

About the artist:
LeAnn Erickson is a teacher, writer and artist. She has been creating films, videos and multimedia projects for over 35 years. To learn more about her work:

Temple University site

The Top Secret Rosies project

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