Tukel Lab Germ Free Mouse Facility

The Tukel lab has recently established a germ-free mouse facility


International Congress on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus- Lupus 2019

Bacterial Biofilm Product Curli/edna Induces Nets and Serum Anti- curli/edna Levels Correlate with Bacteriuria and Lupus Activity

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Fueling the Fire with Fibers: Bacterial Amyloids Promote Inflammatory Disorders

Review highlighting the Research from the Tukel and Gallucci Lab

Potential treatment for IBD & other inflammatory disorders receives US patent. Congrats to inventor Dr. Cagla Tukel

Use of isolated bacterial amyloids for treatment of inflammatory disorders of diseases of the epithelium

Study Lead By Lewis Katz School of Medicine Showcases Potential for New Oral Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease