Reading Response #2 – Blogging

I assigned the chapter, Blogs, Communities and Networks in the book Blogging by Jill Walker Rettberg, because of your blogging assignments (your individual Tumblr postings and comments here) and because most, if not all of you, use social media in your everyday lives.  This chapter is available as an e-chapter at the Course Reserves link on Blackboard.

1. From this chapter, what material such as social network theory, colliding networks, etc. resonated with you and why?

2. What are some of the take away points can you apply to your media criticism blog postings/comments on this blog and/or your general approach to blogging from the NewsU tumblr webinar?

Don’t forget to post your responses by the Tuesday 9/17@11:59p deadline.

Reading Response #1 – State of the News Media 2013

For your first reading response assignment, please read The Pew Research Center’s annual report –  The State of the News Media 2013.  Pay particular attention to: Overview; the special report – Americans Show signs of leaving a News Outlet; and Digital Developments.

By Tuesday 9/10 @11:59p, you should post a response to the readings here. Your comment should be at least 3 but no more than 5 paragraphs in length. Your response should include both a brief summary of important points made in the reading, as well as your perspective about the statements that the Overview, special report and Digital Developments sections make about the future of journalism. You may also refer to and/or respond to previous student posts.