Final Upkeep

We made it, yay us, only one more post to go, and I’ll do that tomorrow. It will be a continuation of Grzhegorzh’s story, and it will also be the first to explore the “cloak and dagger” aspect I hinted at earlier. Right now, though, things are looking up. One of my friends got cleared by a medical waiver and is going to be joining the army soon. Currently, I am passing all of my classes, though that could change if something goes egregiously wrong. However, I have found that even in the worst case, things typically do not go egregiously wrong. Right now I am hopeful, the semester is in the final stages and I feel like I can finally relax. Aside from the story about Grzhegorzh, I have a couple stories in the pipeline. One was previewed with December moon and the other is a story based on the first two writing prompts, but with a twist. The mysterious package contains the genie lamp, and the genie lamp is just a tarnished brass oil lamp, there is nothing special about it. Coincidence, however, plays out in a way that leads them to suspect that something supernatural is amiss. I like that kind of story, it seems fun. Anyway, I will miss this class. It kept me on my toes and I did like the stories we read, though I will have to move along with finding a job for this summer for two reasons. Primarily so I don’t go stir-crazy, but secondarily so I can replenish my depleted cash deposit. It is surprising how much money you can blow through when you aren’t paying attention. I also hope to return to in-person classes soon. I miss seeing people face to face and I hope that eventually we can do away with masks as well. It seems a good idea to mention that I will be trying to read more, in addition to writing more. First on my list is cloud atlas, as recommended by my brother. I mention him a lot and that is because, as I have said many times, he is a good friend. Eventually he and I will work together on a story and it will absolutely be a comedy. That’s all I’ve got. Maybe someday I’ll be a famous writer, but right now I think I’ll settle for being a published writer. It may be quite a while before we talk again, but I wish you well. Take care.

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