Upkeep 4

Well now, looks like we’re coming up on finals. Last week I had an abnormally heavy amount of long term projects which had come due, so they took priority over everything else. I managed to finish everything on time, but at a decent cost. I missed going to my dad’s last weekend, I missed kickboxing and a large amount of exercise last week, and I did not post on the blog, putting me behind again. So what lies ahead? Good question, I had hoped to take the story of our intrepid hero Grzhegorzh off of the blog and put it into a much larger story. It looks like you won’t see how this one ends, unless you decide to buy the book once it is published. I had not planned on finishing the story on here, but I was happy to get a start on this story. I also managed to make myself happier by simply writing on this blog semi-regularly. I never liked journals because I felt like I could never get everything down that I wanted to, and focusing solely on a story for me always wound up burning me out. Perhaps I was so used to school that I had gotten used to writing quickly, rather than writing something that I wanted. In any event, I actually do not have much to say for this post. I know it is not the best thing to come up short, especially after missing a week of posting, but I do not want to make my writing forced. That is one lesson I will always take with me, forced writing is bad writing. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now, hopefully, I’ll upload again soon.

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