Category: Volume 37

Volume 37, Number 1 (Fall 2022)


The Necessity of Moving from Biopiracy to Collaboration

Hayley Reed

The Case for a New “Public Body” Standard: The Future of State-Owned Enterprises Within the World Trade Organization

Zachary Bailey

A Site to See: Lessons from Canada and Australia for Implementing Government-Sanctioned Overdose Prevention Sites in the United States

J.J. Larkins

A Review of CITES’s Impact and Suggestions for Incremental Improvement

Jeremiah D. Clark

Making Victims Whole Again: Using Restorative Justice to Heal Hate Crime Victims, Reform Offenders, and Strengthen Communities

Livia Luan

Leveraging ASEAN’s Full Potential as a Regional Legal Mechanism: A Necessary Compromise to Achieve a Greener Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia

Nate Kraus