Category: Volume 35

Volume 35, Number 2 (Summer 2021)


Erasing Race: The Role of Republicanism and Racism in French Constituional Jurisprudence
Gracen Eiland

Negotiating With Terrorists: Power Sharing in a Post-Conflict Afghanistan
Kevin Ellis

Evading Accountability: How the Secrecy of International Organizations Harms Americans’ Right to Know
Austin Nolen

Healing With Accountability: Improving Methods of Prosecuting Sexual Violence Post-Conflict
Kathleen Killian

Cold War and Peace: A Reconceptualization of Armed Aggression and Collective Security in Circumstances of Modern Great Power War
Peter S. Konchak

Volume 35, Number 1 (Spring 2021)


Engaging Darryl Robinson’s Justice in Extreme Cases: Introduction to the Symposium
Margaret M. deGuzman

Darryl Robinson’s Model for International Criminal Law: Deontic Principles Developed Through a Coherentist Approach
Milena Sterio

Jurisprudence in Extreme Cases
Adil Ahmad Haque

A Tale of Two Cities: Reflections on Robinson’s Twinning of International Criminal Law and Criminal Law Theory
Neha Jain

An “Ongoing Conversation”: Method and Substance in Robinson’s Justice in Extreme Cases
Alejandro Chehtman

A Coherentist Approach to Incoherent Law? Some Thoughts on Darryl Robinson’s Justice in Extreme Cases
Randle DeFalco

Coherentist Deontic Analysis or Dialogic Community Value Identification: Which Way Forward for ICL?
Margaret M. deGuzman

Strict Construction, Deontics, and International Criminal Law
Caroline Davidson

Advancing Fundamental Principles Through Doctrine and Practice: Comments on Darryl Robinson, Justice in Extreme Cases
Alexander K.A. Greenawalt

Extreme Cases in Hybrid Courts
Elena Baylis

Complicity, Negligence, and Command Responsibility
Jens David Ohlin

On Command
Diane Marie Amann

How Coherent Is Coherentism? Misgivings About Treating Superior Responsibility as a Form of Complicity
James G. Stewart

Forever Together or a Hope for Better? Liberalism and International Criminal Law
Mark Kersten

The Author Responds: Culpability Theories in Extreme Cases
Darryl Robinson