Category: Volume 34

Volume 34, Number 2 (Spring 2020)


Foreword: Sociological Perspectives on International Courts
Jeffrey L. Dunoff

Introduction: Sociological Perspectives on International Tribunals
Moshe Hirsch

Mapping Sociological Approaches to International Procedural Law
André Nunes Chaib & Edoardo Stoppioni

The Faces of Procedure in International Adjudication: Servant, Justice, and Power
Sophie Schiettekatte

The Debate on The Use of Experts by The International Court of Justice: An Inquiry Through Sociological Lenses
Lucas Carlos Lima

Contradiction & the Court: Heterodox Analysis of Economic Coercion in International Law
Geoff Gordon

Enduring Practices in Changing Circumstances: A Comparison of The European Court of Human Rights and The Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Ezgi Yildiz

Human Rights, the Rule of Law, and The East African Court of Justice: Lawyers and The Emergence of A Weak Regional Field
Mihreteab Tsighe Taye

Volume 34, Number 1 (Fall 2019)


Addressing the Elephant in The Room: Discussing the Wto’s Controversial Question Regarding the Application of Article XXI of Gatt 1994
Sarah Boutros

Algorithms as Allies: Regulating New Technologies in The Fight for Workplace Equality
Jack Hensler

Avoiding the Third Tragedy: Evaluating Criminal Responsibility of Child Soldiers Under International Law
Layal Issa

The Bemba Acquittal: A Blow to The Icc’s Legitimacy in A Time of Crisis
Sarah Hibbert

Gross Miscalculation: Taxing Exempt Individuals on Gross Income
Marielle MacMinn

Reframing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: Proposed Practices for An International Criminal Tribunal in Syria
Ayana A. Bowman