Category: Volume 26

Volume 26, Number 2 (Fall 2012)


IP Wars: SOPA, PIPA, and the Fight Over Online Piracy
Mike Belleville

On the Legal Issues Regarding the Prosecution of Sea Pirates (Including Human Rights): A Case of History Repeating Itself?
Professor Barry Hart Dubner and Sara Fredrickson

Guarding the Final Frontier: The Future Regulations of the International Seabed Authority
David Hartley

Responsibility to Protect: Moral Triumph or Gateway to Allowing Powerful States to Invade Weaker States in Violation of the U.N. Charter?
Jamie Herron

The United States Nations Al-Qaida Sanctions Regime After U.S. Resolution 1989: Due Process Still Overdue?
Dominic Hoerauf

Construing Laws Governing International and U.S. Domestic Contracts for the Sale of Goods: A Comparative Evaluation of the CISG and UCC Rules of Interpretation
Sarah Howard Jenkins

Religious-Based Employment Practices of Churches: An International Comparison in the Wake of Hosanna-Tabor
Matthew K. Richards, Scott E Isaacson, David A. Peterson, Victor van Vuuren

Volume 26, Number 1 (Spring 2012)


Congress, Have A Heart: Practical Solutions to Punitive Measures Plaguing the Heart Act’s Expatriate Inheritance Tax
Bradford Craig

Internalizing Human Rights in Latin America: The Role of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights System
Alexandra R. Harrington

A State of Failure: The Sacrosanctity of Sovereignty and the Perpetuation of Conflict in Weak and Failing States
Irene R. Lax

Breaking the Nexus Between Armed Conflict and Consumer Products: Where’s the App for That?
David C.W. Wagner

Legitimacy on Trial at the Extraordinary Chambers
Michael C. Witsch