Volume 33, Number 1 (Fall 2018)


Strategies for Asset Recovery from Mainland China
Henry W. Longley

Inadequate Protections and New Risks for LGBT Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Seeking Asylum in the United States
Emily R. Nyren

NAFTA and Immigration Intertwined: The Impact of the Trump Era on Mexican-U.S. Migration
Emily A. Welch

Zimbabwe’s Struggle to Break the Chains of Colonialism: Self-Determination, Land Reform, and International Law
Reginald L. Streater

Punishing the Punisher: The Role of the International Criminal Court in Ending Duterte’s “War on Drugs”
Alison N. Smeallie

Alibaba’s VIE Structure and Erosion of BEPS Goals in China’s E-Commerce Industry
MacKensie Larson