Volume 13, Number 2 (Fall 1999)


Affirmative Action in the United States and South Africa: Lessons from the Other Side
F. Michael Higginbotham

Governmental Avoidance Versus Judicial Review: A Comparative Perspective on Israeli Decision-Making Strategies in Response to Constitutional Adjudication
Gal Dor

Dispute Settlement Mechanisms of Regional Economic Arrangements and Their Effects on the World Trade Organization
Myung Hoon Choo

Open Forum

Is There  a Rush to the Death Penalty in the Caribbean: The Bahamas Says No
Leonard E. Birdsong

Notes & Comments

The International Criminal Court: an Argument to Extend its Jurisdiction to Terrorism and a Dismissal of U.S. Objections
Todd M. Sailer

Religious Law in Israel: the Debate Rages Forth Regarding the Anti-Missionary Bill and the Conversion Bill
Julie Kamens

Castaways on Gilligan’s Island: The Plight of the Alien Worker in the Northern Mariana Islands
Robert S. Florke

Competing with Oneself: the U.S. Supreme Court Strikes a Blow Against U.S. Intellectual Property Rights Owners in Quality King Distributors, Inc. v. L’anza Research Int’l, Inc.
Jeremy M. Klass