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Media source materials

The Edge of Night clip,

Show intro and jumping jacks footage:

The Jack Lalanne Show, Episode 8,

Jack ‘get your moms’ footage: Hangovers episode,

Wilma Rudolph

Olympics race footage:

Italian VO commentary:

Jack exercise image-

Jack Lalanne Fingertip pushups: clip from Your Father’s Classic

Two animated exercise stills- Gustav Zander,

1931 Vintage woman rowing ad- found on Pinterest, reposted from

Wide World of Sports Olympic weightlifting compilation show

Kool-Aid commercial-

Pepto Bismol commercial:

Oscar Meyer bologna commercial-

Smoking commercial-

Police Woman montage: Season 1, episode 22 The Gamble-

Get Christy Love! montage:

ABC promo-

Season 1, episode 10  Bullet from the Grave-

Teresa Graves karate image-

Teresa Graves gun image- found on Pinterest, reposted from

Angie Dickinson Walkie Talkie image-

Angie Dickinson gun image-

Bicycle motion series image- Étienne-Jules Marey

Huffy 20” dragster ad page-

Huffy catalog page-

Man/leg photo animation from motion study- Eadweard Muybridge

Green Ford Pinto image, leaving-

Green Ford Pinto image, driving- ad,

Green Ford Pinto image, park-

Soul Train clip,

American Bandstand clip,

Power juicer ad, Spanish,

Slide show images-

Jack pulling a car –

Jack in handcuffs-

70th birthday 70 boats longshot-

70th birthday 70 boats closer –

Slideshow template created by Jarie Lierpoll and Johan Toftstuen, sound FX by Lars Narstad

Zoopraxiscope discs:

Donkey kicking, Eadweard Muybridge and Erwin F. Faber

Man riding horse, Eadweard Muybridge

Javelin throw motion study, Eadweard Muybridge

University of Northern Iowa 1980 Field Hockey pamphlet:

Images of the Unidome:


With parents-

Jack march/running on toy tv:

Hangovers episode,

Give a show projector, blue-

Give a show projector, red-

Man running motion study, Eaweard Muybridge

Unless otherwise noted, all Jack Lalanne images-

All other media: private collection of LeAnn Erickson