Create Forms with Gravity Forms

How to add a Gravity Form to your site

Activate the Plugin

  1. Click on Plugins on the dashboard.
  2. If you are not on the Inactive plugins, then click Inactive.
  3. Click Activate under Gravity Forms.

Activate Gravity Forms

You will then be notified that the plugin has been activated.

Plugin Activated

If you do not see a Forms link on your dashboard, reload/refresh the page.

Create the form

  1. Click the Forms link on the dashboard (note: where Forms appears in the list of menu sections may change.)
  2. Click Add New.

Gravity Form Add New

Add/Edit fields

To add fields, click once on the desired field type in the the Add Fields panel.

Add Fields panel

For radio buttons use Multiple Choice

For Name, Email, Phone, Website, Address, and CAPTCHA click Advanced Fields.

Once you click on the type of field it will appear on the form to the left.

To edit the field, hover your mouse over the field and an Edit link will appear.  Click Edit.Edit field

  1. Edit the title of the field.  The title will appear above the field.
  2. Edit the description of the field.  The description will appear below the field. Note: When editing fields the choices shown will depend on the type of field editing.
  3. Once you have completed your edits click close at the top of the field panel.

Edit field details

You can drag the fields around on the screen to change their order on the form.

Save form

Once you have completed the form, click Save Form on the bottom left. Once you have saved the form you will be asked if you want to preview the form or set notifications.

You have saved your form

Preview form

After you save your form you can preview it.  If you do, a sample of the form will appear in a new window or tab (which one depends on your browser and its settings).  When previewing the form there is an option to ‘edit form’.  This will allow you to edit it in the same window/tab.  It is recommended that you do not use the ‘edit form’ on the preview pane, instead that you close then window/tab when done previewing.  Then go back to the original window/tab and complete your edits there.

Email notifications

When a form is filled out and submitted, the site-owner is emailed by default.  To change who is emailed, go to the Notifications section, or choose Setup Email Notifications for this form from the save options panel.Email notifications

To add multiple email addresses, separate them with a comma.

When you are done setting up email notifications, click Save Settings at the bottom.

Add form to a page/post

To have the gravity form appear on a post or page type

[gravityform id="1"]

where the number in the quotes is the ID number of the form you want displayed.

  1. To determine the ID numbers, click on Forms on the dashboard (note: where Forms appears in the list of menu sections may change.)
  2. Note the ID number of the form.

Gravity Form Get ID