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Ferrihydrite: Synthesis/Structure, Reactivity, and Phase Transitions

Ferrihydrite is a widespread nanoscale iron oxyhydroxide mineral with relevance in environmental and industrial systems. Current research in our laboratory focuses on structure determination and the study of phase transitions to other iron oxides and hydroxides. Additionally we aim to understand how ferrihydrite (and other iron oxides) interact with contaminants in the environment.

Surface Chemistry of Functional Layered Materials 

Previous Projects


Arsenic (III) oxidation by Manganese oxide Nanoparticles

Manganese minerals, naturally present in environment, serve as potential surfaces, which can undergo reduction reactions and oxidize As (III) to As (V). To investigate this surface phenomenon, time resolved study of arsenic (III) oxidation by manganese nano particle was monitored by using AFM, XPS, Ion Chromatography (IC), and ATR-FTIR

Mineral Reactivity in Carbon Sequestration

Anthropogenic production of CO2 is widely recognized as one of the main contributors to global climate change. One of the more popular solutions to this problem is COsequestration in which CO2 is pumped into empty wells underground. Under the surface of the earth CO2 will not contribute to the greenhouse effect, but one of the critiques of this solution is capability for CO2 to remain underground. The Strongin group will investigate the ability of CO2 to form stable carbonate minerals by reacting with existing subsurface minerals. Our focus is to investigate the reactivity of CO2 and sulfur compounds that are released with the burning of fossil fuels with iron bearing minerals, other relevant minerals.