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Meet the 2022 SPROUT Researchers!

Taleen Hamad

Taleen Hamad is a rising senior at Central High school. In her free time she writes poetry, reads, and belly-dances! She has loved science for as long as she can remember and hopes to become a research neuroscientist, along with writing on the side!

Taleen is currently working in Dr. Yugang Sun’s lab under the guidance of Shea Stewart. Taleen’s research focus is on understanding what the reactive species for photocatalytic sonogashira coupling using Cu2O. She will be utilizing various analytical techniques like UV, IR, and NMR spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, gas chromatography and x-ray diffraction.

Jacob Serrano

Jacob Serrano is a rising senior at Girard Academic Music Program. He is interested in Marine Biology and he hopes to become a marine biologist in the future.

To further explore his interests, Jacob Serano is researching in the Cordes Laboratory which focuses on deep-sea ecology and ocean exploration. He research will answer the question of how the biocomplexity of cold-water coral reef – i.e. the total surface area and volume of coral skeleton and/or ratio of live to dead cold-water corals – affect the biodiversity of a community?

Collins Chokki

Collins Chokki is a student at Central High School. In his free time, he plays clarinet and performs in his school’s ensembles and robotics team. His research interests include chemical studies and organic chemistry. He hopes to be a chemical researcher.

This summer Collins will be working with Dr. Steven Fleming on an interactive organic chemistry animation platform that will be made available for educational purposes. His research will explore how to maximize the utility of BioORA, an organic chemistry teaching application.

Mokorede Gbadamosi

Mokorede Gbadamosi is a highschool junior from Collegium Charter School. He is working under Dr. Rob Kulathinal with a research interest on evolutionary processes and the speciation theory. After highschool, Mokorede plans on pursuing a career in either physics, Computer science, or a career through a technical school. He is interested in Computer Science, Data science, analytic processing, and Physiology. Some of Mokorede’s hobbies include soccer and baseball.

Under Dr. Kulathinal, Mokorede will be studying the role of sex behaviors of male and female drosophila by analyzing Drosophila’s mating patterns using Jabba.

Dia Shaji

Dia Shaji is an AP capstone junior at the Northeast magnet high school. During her free time, she loves doing arts and crafts, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. After high school graduation, she is hoping to pursue a career in medicine, and her research interests span anything related to medicine. She is very excited to be a part of SPROUT 2022 and cannot wait to gain a wonderful research experience.

Dia will also be conducting her research in the Cordes Laboratory. She hopes to understand the biogenic habitat of Galatheids of Costa Rica.

Namira Nera

Namira Nera is an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme senior at Northeast High School. Science and medicine are what she wants to pursue in her future career, as those have been her passions since she was a little girl. 

This summer, Namira will be working under Payton Phillips and Dr. Jocelyn Behm at Temple’s Integrative Technology Lab. Her research will explore how the number of squirrels and the time of day that they’re active vary between urban, suburban, and rural parks. This is to learn how to change human-impacted environments, and to understand how habitat fragmentation can impact animal activity, for further improvements in the future.

Harmoni Jones

Harmoni Jones is a rising senior attending Academy at Palumbo highschool. During her free time, she enjoys reading and listening to music. She is interested in a range of fields including neuroscience, forensic criminology, and biology. After graduating high school, she hopes to pursue a career in the STEM field.

This summer for SPROUT, she will be working with Dr. Sebastiano De Bona on Ecological Interactions between Invasive and Native Species. She is grateful to be surrounded by her peers and mentors at SPROUT and looks forward to gaining new experiences through her research.