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  • Piano Music of Protest

    Piano Music of Protest

    Presenting a program of seven works from as early as 1831, Charles Abramovic and his students will be performing compositions for solo piano inspired by protest or directed toward oppressive forces across the globe.  Whether remembering the causes classical composers brought awareness to, or a continuing matter to bring attention to, performing these pieces not only informs listeners of these events, but invites them to a sonic experience to associate this information with, and remember, for example, the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 (Eckhardt 2001) when hearing solo piano music.

  • Unending Protests, Unending Music

    Unending Protests, Unending Music

    The Trump Presidency: A Revue Wednesday, December 2, Noon Since he announced his candidacy in 2015, Donald Trump has been a subject in music, much of it in the form of parodies, remixes, and mashups released on social media.This talk by Dr. Noriko Manabe reviews this music of the Trump presidency (mostly from the Trump Resistance) and […]