Welcome to Performing Arts News from Temple University Libraries!  Here you will find information on news, events, and resources for music, dance, and theater at Temple University, and the Philadelphia area.  You will find free music downloads, fun (free!) videos in dance and theater to watch, and more.  You will find info for music-lovers, dance fans, and theater buffs, as well as for practicing (but not always serious) musicians, dancers, and actors from students to professional levels.  I will strive to include notifications for events and resources that you might not find otherwise.

I am the librarian liaison for music, dance, and theater at Temple University Libraries, and as such, I have the coolest gig in the library!  I strive to support the performing arts at Temple and in the Philadelphia area.  I hope that you enjoy the blog, and that you will join me in a conversation about the fantastic resources available to you.

-Anne Harlow

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