Music Everywhere and Anywhere! is offering its music downloads free (and legal) to students! Previously a subscription-only service, Ruckus changed its business model to advertising revenue. In addition to over 2.1 million tracks of music, Ruckus provides social software that enables students to create and share playlists, browse playlists of friends and classmates, read comments on message boards, and recommend music. In addition to popular music, Ruckus includes significant collections of jazz and classical music. An email address with “.edu” is necessary to access the free service. For more information see: “Big Labels Offer Free Music to College Students” from the New York Times “Ruckus Network Offers Free Campus Access to Downloads” from the Washington Post “Ruckus Joins Internet2 to Distribute Files for Academic Use” from the Chronicle of Higher Education In addition to Ruckus, the Temple University music-loving community has access to exciting free streaming audio services! African American Song – Documents the history of African American Music, including blues, early jazz, gospel, ragtime, and more! Classical Music Library – Look for your favorite composer here! Or, browse by playlists that include music for particular artistic movements, instruments, moods, and occasions, even a “Lover’s Guide!” Smithsonian Global Sound – Travel the world with music! Every continent is represented as well as music from Oceania and the Caribbean. Escape the winter cold with a Calypso from Trinidad or a sizzling hot Tango! Let music fill your mind and heart this winter, and always. -Anne Harlow

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  1. Ms. Harlow,
    Thanks but when the link for
    is clicked it goes to the database list not to
    our (TU) link.
    Secondly, when will TU get Ruckus? We are not (yet) on their list of schools.
    David Dalton

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